About Us

About Us


Our mission

Our organization’s mission is to provide comprehensive services focused on counseling, safety, and transitional resources to aid the emotional and behavioral transformation of women and children who survived domestic violence and sexual assault.

Our organization is a community-based, family-focused youth development organization that serves families victimized by domestic and sexual violence. We believe every person has the right to be safe and free from violence.

You're not alone. You are valid. This is not your fault. You are strong. You deserve happiness. You are beautiful.

About Our CEO

Deborah Oliver

It starts with one single S.T.E.P.

Support, Teaching, Empowerment, and Prayer

Deborah Oliver, serves as the Executive Director and is dedicated to helping families heal from the horrible effects of domestic violence and sexual assault. 

Share A Basket was born through a difficult time in Ms. Oliver’s life. It was a time of abandonment, insecurities, dealing with a failed marriage, low self-esteem, being stalked, being a victim of domestic violence, being raped and suffering from extreme bouts of clinical depression which led her to contemplating suicide on many occasions.  

When she found herself in a dark place, these experiences and adversities allowed Ms. Oliver to realize her desire to share these experiences with others, to allow the shame and weight to come off, to inform women and their families that they are not alone and they can overcome their experiences too.