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one family at a time
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Our Why

We are driven by a profound commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of women and their families who have endured the harrowing experience of domestic abuse. Our guiding principles reflect our unwavering dedication to this cause. We firmly believe in addressing the multifaceted needs of the diverse communities of domestic violence and sexual assault survivors in the Greater New Orleans area.


Our Events

Through our comprehensive programming and ministry tools, we provide a nurturing environment that fosters support, encouragement, vital resources, and empowering these courageous women and their families to not only heal from their past traumas but also to flourish in their future endeavors.

Personalized Approach

What if...

Every individual unique circumstance are met with a personalized approach, ensuring that the services we offer—whether within our organization or through collaborative efforts with other service providers—are tailored to their specific needs. By harnessing the power of volunteers, donated goods, services, and pro bono assistance. We maximize resources to create a meaningful and lasting impact.

“Never forget that walking away from something unhealthy is brave even if you stumble a little on your way out the door.”
“You survived the abuse. You’re gonna survive the recovery.”
Olivia Benson
Be strong, be fearless, be beautiful. And believe that anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.
Misty Copeland
“Survivors of abuse show us the strength of their personal spirit every time they smile.”
Jeanne McElvaney
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